[Fwd: mgetty fax manager enquiries]

Karl karlok at fastmail.fm
Tue Oct 16 07:34:58 UTC 2007

Denis Gaulin wrote:

> 	I use Ubuntu Dapper, 6.06LTS  and I am not very experienced with this
> OS.  My equipment is  a mobo  MSI- 6195 ( K7-PRO )  and a winfax modem ,
> Conexant, HCF56K Dat /*fax modem, class 2 built by GVC Corp. ( from a
> former IBM APTIVA computer). The modem is connected to the telephone
> RJ-4/6  port ( wall plug ).

Does this modem work under Linux?  It looks to me like the kind that you 
couldn't get a Linux driver for.

>>From the Ubuntu site I have downloaded the Mgetty  ( 1.1.33-3ubuntu2)
> package.
> I just installed it using Synaptic .  These compressed files have beeen
> installed .
> 	the following files are present in Synaptic and  installed;
> 	 mgetty,   mgetty-docs, mgetty-pvftools, mgetty-voice
> However I see nothing in my desktop APPLICATIONS section,  nothing
> anywhere else. to lead me to configure and initiate mgetty.

Mgetty is supposed to be started when the computer boots.  I think that 
the installation procedure would make this happen automatically.

> The mgetty -docs literature  says that we have to compile the program by
> copying policy.h-dist  to policy.h and edit it.   Then edit the Makefile
> to specify installation paths . 
> I see none of those file in all of the usr or etc /mgetty files.   I
> have the impression that this is supposed to be done by Synaptic.....

You don't need to compile anything.  Installed packages are pre-compiled 
   and ready to go.

> I tried to search for these files ( policy.h-dist,  policy.h  and
> Makefile ) but nothing pertaining to mgetty to give me a clue as to what
> to do to configure and start mgetty to run.
> All of the /usr/share/mgetty files give no clue
> all the /etc/mgetty/mgetty.config,    faxrunq.config,  dialin.config,
> sendfax.config  files are said to be only samples of what to write.
> Where are the actual config files and how to initiate real
> configuration?
> I am lost... anyone could tell me the way to get this program to run ?

I did some googling and found documentation for mgetty at 
http://mgetty.greenie.net/.  It doesn't look simple.
Bonne chance,

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