Gwenview Is Not Very Gutsy

Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at
Tue Oct 16 02:09:48 UTC 2007

On Monday 15 October 2007 10:27:47 pm CH wrote:
> What is the problem, that Gwenview STILL doesn't show ARCHIVES????  It has
> been broken for what, two or three releases!!  It was duly reported, the
> problem was confirmed, and still nothing has been done.  Guess I'll have to
> copy my old Gwenview onto the box, and blacklist Gutsy's Gwenview I
> did with Edgy, Feisty... etc. (how many more etc's, I wonder?).  Hm.
> That's right... not a happy camper.

Are you sure you're not mistaking gwenview for another application? Because 
gwenview is definitely installed on my Gutsy and it's definitely in the Gutsy 

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