KDE problems (automount, hibernate) after kernel upgrade

Volker Barth vo.ba at gmx.de
Mon Oct 15 11:36:18 UTC 2007

Dear all,

Short problem version:

after an upgrade to the recent gutsy kernel I am having troubles with
KDE: autodetection of USB devices no longer works, and the 'hibernate'
entry in my klaptop panel entry is gone. Manually mounting USB devices
is still possible, and manually hibernating the laptop via
klaptop_acpi_helper also works flawlessly.

So, why does KDE deny its services here? Can KDE be instructed to
recover these lost capabilities, and if so, how? 

Long version:

I am running Kubuntu Dapper on a Dell D620 laptop with KDE 3.5.2 and
security patches installed.

Last week, I decided to install an up-to-date kernel, in order to get
access to the zd1211rw driver for my WLAN USB stick. This driver
requires a kernel > 2.6.18, so the dapper kernel (2.6.25) was no
longer an option. I decided to use the (then) latest kernel from
kernel.org, Since finding the correct parameters for kernel
configuration was a bit troublesome, I eventually tried the kernel
package for ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy), more as an idea of last resort, but
this allowed me to boot almost flawlessly. What I finally did was to
use the kernel configuration file from gutsy and modified it for my
CPU (Core 2 Duo instead of i586 and the snd-hda-intel driver). I also
patched the sources from kernel.org to get rid of some nasty
device-mapper error messages and then recompiled. I now have an
up-to-date kernel again, with good wireless support. So far so good.

Since then, KDE refuses to autodetect USB devices, i.e. when inserting
the memory stick it is properly detected in the syslog as /dev/sdb1,
and after setting up a mount point (/media/usbstick), I am able to
mount it manually. Before the upgrade, there was no need for that
mount point, as the KDE automounter detected the stick, showed an icon
on the screen, asked me what to do, and mounted the device to

Likewise, when right-clicking on the battery icon in the panel I was
able to select 'suspend' and 'hibernate' from a pop up menu. Now, the
menu is still there, but it is missing the 'hibernate' entry, while
suspending still works. I now have to invoke 'klaptop_acpi_helper
--hibernate' from the command line in order to hibernate the machine.

Both problems are not fatal, but annoying and I would like to have
them back again. So far, google was of no great help. As both
functionalities are still there after the kernel upgrade, they cannot
be a kernel problem. I rather suspect some problems of KDE to find
and/or access config files or similar, but I have absolutely no idea
where to start looking at. Any help or attempt to enlighten me would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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