DVD not reading Window burned disks.

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Fri Oct 12 10:27:18 UTC 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Thursday 11 October 2007, Knapp wrote:
>> No, but thanks for the insight! I was starting to think that this post did
>> not make it the list. Could it be from an XP update? Also if that were the
>> case would the disk read as blank or just unreadable?
> You can usually tell if a disc is really blank by looking at it, and holding 
> it at an angle to the light.  Burnt areas look slightly different from blank 
> areas, and the more of the capacity you've used, the more obvious it is to 
> see.
> I've run into situations where the discs really *were* blank.

Also, if Windows didn't "close" the disc you may not be able to read it 
in any drive other than the one you burned it in. This happens most when 
using r/rw disks.

What happens if you put it back in the drive/OS/application that you 
used to burn it?

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