Only getting low resolution with new monitor in feisty

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Fri Oct 12 01:54:15 UTC 2007

On Thursday 11 October 2007, D. R. Evans wrote:

> I just installed a better LCD monitor on my wife's system.

I had a similar problem when I switched from a 15" CRT to a 19" LCD.  It would 
only run at 640x480, I think.

I can't remember enough details to give a solution, but I do recall that the 
magic happened when I twiddled something in this section 
in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "Generic Monitor"
        Option          "DPMS"
        HorizSync       28-64
        VertRefresh     43-60

If your settings differ, you might try pasting that snippet above, as it's for 
a 19" monitor at 1280x1024.

(I have no idea how to do anything like this through a GUI, or if it's even 
possible.  Nor, for that matter, am I at all certain what I'm talking about 
is really your problem.)
D. Michael McIntyre 

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