Clarification: Network Reconfiguration Question

7230 yogich7230 at
Thu Oct 11 19:06:55 BST 2007

>   I move my Debian and Ubuntu hard drives from my computer at home to
> a couple of computers at the local computer club.  What I found is
> that I have a configuration for each different location in the
> /etc/network/interfaces file.  All I did was copy the one from my
> home machine using DHCP setup and then labeled them eth1, eth2, etc. 
>  have no problem at all.  I think that the ethx is based on the MAC 
> address.  A different eth for each MAC address.  I've never moved the
> card with the disk from computer to computer to test my theory
> though
I would appreciate a bit more info on this.  I have never done this.   I think 
what I really need is to cause the machine to invoke another configuration 
process for the network card, and that isn't happening.  I'm just now sure 
what to do to cause it to happen.  I was under the mistaken impression that 
it would be automatic but, of course, it wasn't, or I wouldn't be begging. 

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