Seven Arrested In High School Bathroom Shakedowns

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Wed Oct 10 00:42:59 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 09 October 2007 8:38:21 pm Adrienne J Davis wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 October 2007 10:56:40 am manchicken at wrote:
> > Quoting Terence Simpson <stdin at>:
> > > Frank Arnold wrote:
> >
> > Look on the bright side.  At least it didn't have anything to do with
> > nigerian check scams or viagra.
> Well, no one wants you to be disappointed so...
> Dearest friend Kubuntu:
> How are you and your family?  I appreciate the help that you gave me in the
> past and I think the God that you will hear my plea now.  I am Aj and I
> live in the place called Orygun in the city of Ten Bridges that is the Land
> of Ports.  My mother and father have died and left me $75,000.000.00 in
> inheritance from their llama, alpaca and wine enterprises.  However,
> because of a coup perpetrated by the House of Bush I am unable to get the
> money out of Orygun.  I ask in the name of the God that you would help me
> by providing me your bank account number so that I can have my attorney, Ms
> Jane Dewey, of the law firm Dewey, Scruham and Howe, deposit the money in
> our account.  For your troubles I I have authorized my attorney to provide
> you with 50% of the money.
> I thank the God that you are there to help me as I have cancer of the hair
> and not much long to live.  Thank you for helping me and my starving
> children. Please forward this on to everyone you know and every mail list
> you are on. if you don't you have no heart, no soul, no hair and you will
> never be able to house train that puppy or box train your kitten.
> Cheers
> Aj
> Did that help?  :)

Man your good. Are you sure you aren't one of them? ;-)

David M.

If I received .01 cent for every person
that has to put in their .02 cents
I'd be rich!

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