Kmail vs Kontact in gutsy.

Peter Lewis prlewis at
Wed Oct 10 00:05:46 UTC 2007

Hello again, more kmail woes I'm afraid...

Quite a while ago, I asked a question on this list about kmail and kontact. 

The problem was that when using an IMAP resource for the calendar, korgac (the 
korganiser reminder daemon) started kmail to get hold of its data *before* 
kontact or kmail is started, thus originally causing both to start at the 
restoration of a session (i.e. startup).

Luis Silva quite helpfully wrote:
> I am having the same problem but I guess I know the reason. I am using a
> disconnected IMAP server for both e-mail and contacts. It also happens that
> I am using khalki. This means that a request for the addresses is issued
> before kontact is started. So kmail is started instead as it is the manager
> of all IMAP transactions.
> I am sorry but I don't have a solution to this. I guess the new akonadi
> framework will solve this issue.

Well, we're still waiting for akonadi :-) but in the meantime, I had quite a 
nice work-around which involved stopping the session manager from starting 
the kontact process, and only using the individual apps.

This seems to have broken with gutsy.

Instead, when starting kmail, it seems to automatically start a kontact 
process too, and then both freeze. I can quite happily (usually) kill the 
kontact process, and then kmail continues as usual, but at some point it 
starts another kontact process (and they freeze). This didn't happen with 
Feisty though, so I'm guessing its another result of changing to the 
enterprise version of kdepim.

I guess I'm just a little disappointed at how, considering that the PIM stuff 
is such a flagship for KDE, how many weird behaviours there are in Kubuntu 
with it. I also guess that it's because I'm using IMAP resource 
functionality, but then that was always *the* big +++ for me with KDE :-)

Anyone else found this, or got any suggestions?



P.S. Akonadi seems to be progressing well (according to blogland) but is it 
likely to make a big impact in the forthcoming KDE4 release?

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