I want a finer-grained volume control.

Nolan Check nolancheck at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 9 04:26:10 UTC 2007

I have volume control keys on my keyboard. I love 'em. I have music that was
mastered with all kinds of different volume levels, so it's helpful to be
able to easily adjust the volume to a comfortable level. But on Kubuntu, I
don't like how each press of a volume key adjusts the volume by 10%. That
gives me only 10 different volume levels to work with, and only 2 of them
are usually good for me. On some pieces of music, I have to pull up the
mixer window and adjust the volume with the mouse to get a comfortable

So, all I want is a finer-grained volume control. I'd like the volume keys
to adjust by 1% or 2% instead of 10%. Is there currently any way to adjust

- Nolan Check

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