wireless network compatability

Paul Lemmons paul at lemmons.name
Mon Oct 8 21:23:00 UTC 2007

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Subject: wireless network compatability
From: k h <bballdude1888 at yahoo.com>
To: kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
Date: 10/08/2007 01:58 PM
> if i were to download kubuntu 7.04, would i be able to use a wireless 
> network?
> K H
Hmmmm, I would say "Yes" because I do it on my laptop every day and it 
is 100% stable. However, the hardware you are using can vary how well it 
works. The best way to answer this is to download and burn the Live CD 
and then boot from it. You will have Kubuntu running without having to 
actually install it. Here you can test all of your hardware, printers, 
modems, internet connections, monitors, video, wireless connections, 
etc.. If all looks good, then you can commit it to your hard disk.

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