[gutsy] compiz makes openoffice dialog boxes full screen

Michael W. Holdeman lists at ptfd.org
Mon Oct 8 21:48:46 BST 2007

On Monday 08 October 2007 03:29:46 pm Michael W. Holdeman wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 06:44:14 am lanzen wrote:
> > On 7/10/2007, Michael W. Holdeman wrote:
> > > Same here, It is not really ful screen, but too big for the scree. By
> > > clicking on the maximize full screen button it is back as expected. A
> > > little annoying but workable.
> >
> > I can't find any buttons...
> Hmm.. I have the usual; maximize, minimize, quit buttons top left on the
> decorator bar.. If you dont than I dunno how to fix that...
Wait a minute, I see what you mean, it is in writer and calc, but not all the 
time. I can duplicate it but it is not really consistant. It seems to be tied 
to certian files at least on my machine. I can open a spreadsheet and it is 
fine, then the next and it is full screen and the window borders are gone. I 
close it and the one I opened first opens ok again, the one that gives me the 
problem opens again with the sme result. Same issue in writer?  


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