First impressions of dolphin

Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Oct 8 17:28:17 UTC 2007

Juan Carlos Torres wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 9:07:07 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
>> I'm sure the idea is that some people want a simpler file manager, but imo
>> that's easier handled by doing what they tried a release or two ago, where
>> konqueror started with a simpler view.  Of course, that wasn't handled
>> well and a lot of upgraders suddenly found much reduced functionality!

> Hm... you seem to be confusing Kubuntu's changes to KDE's defaults. In the
> course of KDE 3.5's lifetime, there was no big change to Konqueror at all.
> No removed menus, no hidden / folders.

    No, he is not.  He said that "a lot of upgraders suddenly found much
reduced functionality!"  That is an accurate statement.  I was on 7.04
before and had Konqueror's powerful file manager at my fingertips.  I
upgraded to 7.10 and now I no longer have Konqueror's powerful file
manager at my fingertips.  The fact that it wasn't Konqueror that
changed and that it is a new, dumbed-down, file manager does not change
the fact that I, as an upgrader, suddenly found myself with much reduced
functionality!  So much so that I am pissed about it.

    I'd like a choice in the matter, thanks.  I don't know if I do since
7.10 has been such a mess so far.  My Laptop went from rock solid to
highly unstable.  I'm having a hell of a time ripping out the parts I
don't need, parts I don't want and fighting random CPU loads and lockups
that I might just re-install 7.04 and ride backports.  I know it is a
beta install but, ouch, this feels less like a beta and more like an

Steve Lamb

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