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JD Brown brownstixzz at
Mon Oct 8 14:48:17 UTC 2007

On 10/7/07, Pierre Hansson <316097 at> wrote:
> I've just installed my Promise Ultra 133 TX2 with four Seagate Barracuda
> 7200.10 320 GB drives into my box, no raid, but when I boot, it stops with
> something called initramfs.
> I've googled and searched various forums, but haven't come up with
> anything
> helpful.
> Can someone please guide me what to do to get these discs running in
> Kubuntu.
> Thanks in advance.
> / Pierre


The best thing to do is replace " initramfs-tools " for " yaird ", After you
install Kubuntu.
The reason why you are getting that error is because of the naming scheme
the kernel developers decided to use on hard drive devices installed on your
computer. I believe it started with the 2.6.20 series kernel; there on.

I first dealt with this on Debian Etch, upgrading to a newer kernel with
initramfs-tools installed and then it happened to me with the *_*Buntu's. I
removed initramfs-tools and replaced it with Yaird.

Here is an article on what to do to replace it. It was written for Debian
but it still works.

See Link:

Hope it helps and Regards,

JD. Brown
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