my computer hangs from time to time and...

Paul paulvarjak at
Mon Oct 8 11:06:02 UTC 2007

Ok I will let it doing a memtest tonight...


On 10/8/07, Peter Lewis <prlewis at> wrote:
> On Sunday 07 October 2007 23:30:50 Paul wrote:
> > This open bug... I don't know, maybe could be that. The computer is an
> > AMD Athlon64 4200+, asus m2n-e motherboard, 2gb ram, 3 x 250 Gb Sata
> > HDD and ati radeon x1600pro.
> Yeah, the bug I was referring to shouldn't freeze the machine permanently,
> just for a minute or so every now and again, and there shouldn't be any long
> term effects. So, if your machine isn't unfreezing, I doubt it's that.
> Did you try a memcheck?
> BTW, don't discount hardware problems because it doesn't seem to happen in
> Windows. Both systems will use the machine in quite different ways. I used to
> have a machines which worked fine all the time until I tried to compile all
> of KDE once, then I realised that it was dropping bits in the RAM, but most
> of the time I never used them (compiling all of KDE takes lots of time /
> memory / patience).
> Pete.
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