First impressions of dolphin

Bernhard Breinbauer infopipe at
Mon Oct 8 10:11:29 UTC 2007

On Monday 08 October 2007 wrote Peter Lewis:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 09:53:14 Bernhard Breinbauer wrote:
> > So if you don't like the concept just use konqueror. Both provide the
> > same functionality in different ways.
> Hmm... this is the decision I think I may end up coming to. Either that, or
> else I have to change the way I've got used to managing files. IMO tabs for
> file browsing is one of the best features of konqueror, although yeah, the
> split view is quite nice too. But, I tend to have several tabs open at
> once, so I guess this won't transfer easily.

Well, usually you move/copy files from one place to another. Split view fits 
exactly this use case. If there are other use cases, konqueror is the better 

> I really don't get this idea of removing functionality from software and
> claiming that it improves usability. Surely this is only true if everyone
> uses it in the same way?!? Why isolate people?

Yeah, removing functionality for the sake of usability is always a good topic 
to discuss and dispute :-) .
But dolphin isn't a stripped down konqueror. It has been developed because its 
founder wasn't happy with konqueror. He decided to do something about it and 
started dolphin.

> BTW, I agree that dolphin looks nice, and I like the panel thing on the
> right, but I don't get why this couldn't have just been implemented into
> konqueror, or else just isolate the file manager part of konqueror much as
> how kmail is with kontact.
> I'm just worried now though that all the dev time will go into dolphin and
> konqueror as a browser, but konqueror as a file manager will suffer. Of
> course, the parts technology means that some of it will transfer, but it's
> still a worry. konqueror's the best app I've ever used IMO, and this move
> is likely to kill it (or at least turn it into only a browser).

Konqueror didn't get much attention the last years, so no, the konqueror devs 
are not spending all of their time on dolphin because there are not really a 
lot of konqueror devs around :-)
And you are right about the possible technology exchange, konqueror in KDE4 
already uses the dolphin kpart, although I don't know how usable it is ATM.
I don't think dolphin will kill konqueror. If konqueror (as file manager) 
really dies, then the reason lies a few years back when dev time spent on 
konqueror dropped.
As I see it, konqueror requires a fundamental overhaul, because it has its own 
share of problems. But as long as no one steps up to do it, I'm glad dolphin 
is around.


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