First impressions of dolphin

Peter Lewis prlewis at
Mon Oct 8 09:14:19 UTC 2007

On Monday 08 October 2007 09:53:14 Bernhard Breinbauer wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 03:50:19 Juan Carlos Torres wrote:
> > No. It absolutely doesn't have tabs.
> This is a design decision. Dolphin has a "split view" mode which shows two
> views side by side. In my opinion this is a better solution for managing
> files than tabs.
> The reason is stated at dolphin's website[1]:
> "Dolphin is not intended to be a competitor to Konqueror: Konqueror acts as
> universal viewer being able to show HTML pages, text documents, directories
> and a lot more, whereas Dolphin focuses on being only a file manager."
> So if you don't like the concept just use konqueror. Both provide the same
> functionality in different ways.

Hmm... this is the decision I think I may end up coming to. Either that, or 
else I have to change the way I've got used to managing files. IMO tabs for 
file browsing is one of the best features of konqueror, although yeah, the 
split view is quite nice too. But, I tend to have several tabs open at once, 
so I guess this won't transfer easily.

I really don't get this idea of removing functionality from software and 
claiming that it improves usability. Surely this is only true if everyone 
uses it in the same way?!? Why isolate people?

BTW, I agree that dolphin looks nice, and I like the panel thing on the right, 
but I don't get why this couldn't have just been implemented into konqueror, 
or else just isolate the file manager part of konqueror much as how kmail is 
with kontact.

I'm just worried now though that all the dev time will go into dolphin and 
konqueror as a browser, but konqueror as a file manager will suffer. Of 
course, the parts technology means that some of it will transfer, but it's 
still a worry. konqueror's the best app I've ever used IMO, and this move is 
likely to kill it (or at least turn it into only a browser).



PS. Sorry to be a downer, it's great to see so much effort going into KDE 4, 
at all levels, but well, hey, it's a community right, so I can state my 
case ;-)

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