Wulfy wulfmann at
Sun Oct 7 23:44:27 BST 2007

Steve Lamb wrote:
> Wulfy wrote:
>> So.  I need to reboot to fsck...  how often?
>     Erm, to be honest I've never rebooted any of my machines for the expressed
> purpose of fscking the drives.  Don't know if that has ever been a factor in
> any of my partition failures.  Most of the time it was the partition table
> that was lost.  That's in ~10 years of ext2/ext3 and maybe 2 of reiserfs.
>     Hm, speaking of different file systems, maybe the recommendation (if any)
> differs depending on what file system you have on the partition?

I've only ever used ext3.  I'm an "experienced" newbie, having only used 
Linux since Debian Sarge was their Testing distro...

Thanks, Steve!  :@)



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