Karl karlok at
Sun Oct 7 23:09:47 BST 2007

Wulfy wrote:
> When I reboot, a fsck is done every thirty mountings of partitions.  I 
> only reboot when I have a kernel upgrade, or the machine crashes too 
> badly for me to sort out without a reboot.  So the fsck-ing only happens 
> rarely.  How frequently *should* the partitions be fsck-ed?  Is there a 
> way to do it *without* having to reboot?
 From the e2fsck man page:
"Note that in general it is not safe to run e2fsck on mounted 
filesystems. The only exception is if the -n option is specified, and 
-c, -l, or -L options are not specified. However, even if it is safe to 
do so, the results printed by e2fsck are not valid if the filesystem is 

So the only way to fsck an ext3 root partition is during boot before 
filesystems are mounted, or from a different Linux such as a system 
rescue cd.


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