my computer hangs from time to time and...

ged ged.byrom at
Sun Oct 7 21:22:51 BST 2007

Paul wrote:
> Hello.
> My computer is hanging from time to time. It just freezes. Usually
> when I'm using e-mule and letting it working long time, but it's not a
> temperature problem because usually works well for days and nights and
> then, in any moment, it hangs.
> I've been reading /var/log/messages and /var/log/otherlogs without
> being able to find nothing strange.
> Can anyone tell me where else can I try to find the reason of the
> hangs? The fs's are not 100% or anything like that.
> I'm quite lost.
> Thanks.
> Paul.
Ged Byrom wrote:

I've just replaced the power supply for a friend whose computer was 
doing that.
But I'm not an expert, it more or less packed up altogether in the end.
I blew the dust out of it and one of the capacitors in the power supply 
was still furred up because it had leaked and was damp.
It is fine now.

Hope this helps
Ged (I am not an expert)

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