Storm tracking on Linux

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at
Sun Oct 7 15:57:57 UTC 2007

On Saturday 06 October 2007 16:42, Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:
> In fact, the main problems with Linux are not in science or technology
> related areas (unless some particular package does not exist), but in
> office-related problems. I can't barely use OOo in my colleagues' Word
> documents, with plenty of graphs and tables, with formatting going titsup
> whenever I open the file and make a minor change.

A lot of things may disrupt formatting, for example if the same set of fonts 
isn't available on both machines. 
I cannot swear those problems will dissepear if you colleagues installed OOo 
on their machines.

> Most computer users use Microsoft Word. That is unfortunate for them, since 
Word is proprietary software, denying its users the freedom to study, change, 
copy, and redistribute it. And because Microsoft changes the Word file format 
with each release, its users are locked into a system that compels them to 
buy each upgrade whether they want a change or not. They may even find, 
several years from now, that the Word documents they are writing this year 
can no longer be read with the version of Word they use then.

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