Storm tracking on Linux

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Sat Oct 6 15:42:54 BST 2007


On 10/6/07, Knapp <magick.crow at> wrote:
> A while back, we where talking about needs to use MS and not Linux.
> Someone said storm traking was their reason. I found this today.

We have an operational system that tracks exteme downpours and stuff like
that from precipitation radar images. The sytem is written in python, and
blends in a number of different data sources (weather station data, radar
estimates and satellite cloud cover). It works a treat. It works on Linux,
and if we just had done some more thinking and hadn't hardcoded the
filepaths, it would work in Win32 as well.

In fact, the main problems with Linux are not in science or technology
related areas (unless some particular package does not exist), but in
office-related problems. I can't barely use OOo in my colleagues' Word
documents, with plenty of graphs and tables, with formatting going titsup
whenever I open the file and make a minor change.

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