First impressions of dolphin

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Oct 5 21:27:01 UTC 2007

David McGlone wrote:

> On Friday 05 October 2007 9:08:55 am Greg Booth wrote:
>> > Thanks for the notice, I've fixed this now.
>> >
>> > Jonathan
>> Since people are ... I won't say reluctant, but apprehensive perhaps..
>> about changing from Konqueror to Dolphin is there going to be an easy
>> way, or at least some good documentation on what to do if you want to
>> switch back to Konqueror ?
> What I don't understand about Dolphin is, why have 2 apps that do the same
> job? For instance, If I'm surfing the web and I decide to go to my home
> directory, I just hit the home button or type it in the URL or use the
> sidebar, Why open a whole new window, why even have split view for that
> matter.

LOL.  _I_ like konqueror as it is, but many people have the odd opinion that
a web browser should browse the web and a file manager should manage files,
and never cross paths.  This is the sort of fuzzy thinking that leaves them
asking on the ubuntu-users list how they can edit something directly on an
FTP site :-)
> Think about when your chatting with a friend in Kopete and they send you

I _never_ think about chatting in Kopete...

> and e-mail, instead of sitting there and waiting for the mail or clicking
> the check mail button, you have to open Kontact first.
> And if a person doesn't want this functionality or don't use Kontact they
> can open Kontact as a stand alone app like it is now.
That almost made me choke!  There are already enough problems trying to get
the components of kontact to behave as well _in_ kontact as they do when
run stand-alone.  korganizer won't import .ics files unless it runs
stand-alone.  kmail used to have similar issues - I haven't run into them
recently, so perhaps they're fixed.

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