First impressions of dolphin

David McGlone david.mcglone at
Fri Oct 5 18:24:39 UTC 2007

On Friday 05 October 2007 9:08:55 am Greg Booth wrote:
> > Thanks for the notice, I've fixed this now.
> >
> > Jonathan
> Since people are ... I won't say reluctant, but apprehensive perhaps..
> about changing from Konqueror to Dolphin is there going to be an easy
> way, or at least some good documentation on what to do if you want to
> switch back to Konqueror ?

What I don't understand about Dolphin is, why have 2 apps that do the same 
job? For instance, If I'm surfing the web and I decide to go to my home 
directory, I just hit the home button or type it in the URL or use the 
sidebar, Why open a whole new window, why even have split view for that 

IMO I think Kopete should be integrated into Kontact 1 app, that pretty much 
takes care of all your chat and e-mail needs, complete with notes, addresses, 
calendar, etc etc.

Think about the people that use Kontact on a daily basis and chat with clients 
etc etc, and they have to switch back and forth from their schedule to their 
chat window when setting appointments or such things like that. 

Think about when your chatting with a friend in Kopete and they send you and 
e-mail, instead of sitting there and waiting for the mail or clicking the 
check mail button, you have to open Kontact first.

And if a person doesn't want this functionality or don't use Kontact they can 
open Kontact as a stand alone app like it is now.

David M.

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