First impressions of dolphin

Knapp magick.crow at
Fri Oct 5 11:13:51 UTC 2007

> I think as well, and this may not particularly be something people are
> interested in discussing, but that this move signifies a change in what KDE
> is for. Is it for its users, or for potential ones? Is it more important to
> have lots of new users migrating from windows (or even using it on windows),
> or to be really good at what its current users want?
> I'd personally go for the latter option...
> Pete

I want a system that is strong and easy to use. Everyone else here can
also state what they want but how can you know what people that are
not using KDE want? Is someone paying to do statistically significant
research on this or is someone just guessing based on what MS or Apple
is doing or what they think someone MIGHT like?

Also if you don't like the new stuff it would still be easy to install
konqueror right?


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