Katapult - Can't Start 'xterm'

Kenneth Jacker khj at be.cs.appstate.edu
Thu Oct 4 15:12:29 UTC 2007

[ katapult-]

Shouldn't I be able to start an 'xterm' instance using Katapult?  The
executable *is* in /usr/bin/xterm, but typing in "xterm<CR>" doesn't 
start the application ... :-(

I used "Configure Katapult..." and believe I set things up correctly.

Can *you* run 'xterm' from Katapult?

Prof Kenneth H Jacker       khj at cs.appstate.edu
Computer Science Dept       www.cs.appstate.edu/~khj
Appalachian State Univ
Boone, NC  28608  USA        

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