MacBook Keyboard Issue

Gabriel gabrielvc at
Wed Oct 3 19:54:37 UTC 2007

I have a MacBook core 2 duo, on which I am running Kubuntu. This laptops
come with just one control key, and two Apple (or win) keys, located at both
sides of the space bar. I write in spanish, so I configured kbd, through
kcontrol, to allow me to switch between keyboard layouts.

The problem is that I would like to switch the position of control and Apple
keys, but it has been impossible:

1. xmodmap wont work, since kbd overrides the position of the modifier keys

2. kcontrol section option "use mac modifiers" changes the behaviour of the
shortcuts, but when I reboot the system the position of control and apple
goes back to the old one.

3. xkb options does not allow the switch, as far as I have digged into the
(very confusing) documentation of it.

Please help me. It is really annoying, specially when I am using emacs, to
lack two control keys, and have the only one available so far away from the
position of my thumbs!

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