Remote desktop

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Wed Oct 3 17:37:58 UTC 2007

You are welcome! Additionally you can run GUI apps over SSH server by using:

ssh -XC username at computer_IP

or using non-standard SSH port:

ssh -XC username at computer_IP -p <port_number>

username - type the remote PC username
computer_IP - type the remote PC IP-address
<port_number> - type the remote PC SSH daemon port number
-X - enable X11 forwarding
-C - enable compression

ssh -XC johndoe at
ssh -XC johndoe at -p 2121

You may run SSH daemon at original port (22/tcp) but at router you can define different port, which 
is accessible from outside world.

This GUI forward works if in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file is written: X11Forwarding yes

When you log in, you can run applications in background like this:
xclock &
firefox &
konqueror &
nautilus &
openoffice.org2.3 &
kcontrol &
kinfocenter &
ksysguard &
kdesu synaptic &
kdesu adept &
kjobviewer &

... and these GUI apps will open over internet through encrypted SSH tunnel in your PC! Everything 
you will do, data will be stored over internet to the remote PC. You can open apps and also GUI 
system configuration utilities.

Then you will not disturb remote PC users and still can change, create or delete data at remote PC. 
And also the video stream transfer is much more bandwith consuming than occasionally saving data 
over encrypted SSH tunnel. And much more secure, when VNC session is not encrypted by default. You 
can see and access the same apps over secure SSH and discuss over Skype, phone, etc.

Best Regards,

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