Strigi Not indexing usb drive

Richard cms0009 at
Tue Oct 2 16:36:55 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 02 October 2007 9:28:53 am Luís A. C. Silva wrote:
> As far as I know strigi is broken in gutsy. I submitted a few bugs to
> launchpad and I know there is people working on it. I don't know enough to
> post patches to the code and the only suggestions I can give is to mess
> with the config files. I couldn't find a lot of docs on those though.
> I can get strigi to work but it takes 100% cpu all the time. The index
> is quite good and the searches are very fast

Same here.. strigi is crashing all over, have reported to launch pad,
however, the report features, send the bug report , but launch pad wants
me to sign in.. then when I do , the crash report is not there.

They should fix the report bug to launch pad feature, so,
when a crash happens one can send a report automatically without signing in.


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