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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Mon Oct 1 23:41:20 UTC 2007

Michael wrote:
> When I click on a url in Thunderbird, a instance of Konqueror is
> launched.  I would like to switch this to Firefox.  Ideally, if Firefox
> is already loaded, I would like the url to open in a new tab of the
> already running instance of Firefox.  I  tried to launch the default
> applications applet, but the only thing that comes up is a big gray
> box.  Is there a way to change default applications from the command line? 
> Mike

I don't know any way to get Thunderbird to open Firefox by default from 
the command line. HOWEVER, it is very easy to do from Thunderbird.

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Configuration Editor

Scroll down to:
  set value to "firefox" [ no quotes of course ]
  same setting

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