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Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 21:13:43 UTC 2007

Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
> Wulfy wrote:
>> The alternatives would be to try
>> use the newsreader part of Thunderbird  <shudder> and connect that way 
> What's wrong with that? :)
No control over what you have on your hard drive...  If I get spam in an 
e-mail list, I can delete it  In a news group, it's the server that 
determines when the post expires...
> As a matter of fact, I read and write to this very list via a news
> server (news.gmane.org). I *much* prefer newsgroups to mailing lists and
> in fact I'm using Thunderbird as well.  It's no more difficult (in fact
> it's easier) than setting up/using an email account.
Set up is easy, I must admit.  I connected with my ISP's news server...  
except, of course, within a couple of hours it goes down...  :@(
> Of course this assumes you have access to a news server that carries
> your newsgroup. If it's a popular newsgroup, most servers will have it.
> If your ISP has a news server, you're in business.  If not, you can do
> like I do and pay another company for access to Usenet (In my case I use
> Easynews  - $10.00 a month).
> If Thunderbird is the issue (it's a good newsreader but not as good as
> others that just do newsgroups), try Pan ($ sudo apt-get install pan).
> Or you can bag the whole thing. :)

News groups are slightly better than fora...  but not much.  Despite how 
much I wanted the groups, i think I'll just call it a day.



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