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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Oct 1 18:18:40 UTC 2007

Hex Star wrote:

> Well, what usenet groups would you recommend? 

Well, not actually usenet, but 


from news.gmane.org

> Another issue for me is that 
> there are so many to choose from and some overlap and it then turns into
> figuring out which one is more active/spam infested.... Personally I think
> usenet is the old style mailing list system while google groups and
> mailman is the new usenet :)

Mailman is _very_ much the old style mailing list.  Google groups would be a
whole lot less irritating if they'd fix their interface to work with
Konqueror, but it's still not as good as Nabble.

Real Usenet is so close to Mailman that it's easy to gate something like
this list between mailman and gmane news.  I don't mind reading on mail
lists if I _want_ to archive everything myself, but for most lists,
newsgroups actually work better.

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