OT digest e-mails

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 02:19:21 UTC 2007

Normally, I get e-mails from my lists one at a time.  I don't see the 
advantage to digest e-mails as you loose threading and you have to read 
the whole e-mail at once or remember where you got up to.

However, Google Groups, in their wisdom, only send newsgroup e-mails out 
as digests.  As this seem to be the only way to find a Java list that 
isn't mega-specialised, I thought I'd try it.  I hate the digest format 
even more now that I have to read it (rather than having it inflicted 
upon me by a careless poster).

My question is;  Is there a way to "un-digest" the digest e-mails so I 
can have the individual posts back?  The alternatives would be to try 
use the newsreader part of Thunderbird  <shudder> and connect that way 
or drop the lists entirely.  :@(



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