Newbie: kernel/init messages at boot times ?

Ulrich Grün ulrich.gruen at
Thu Nov 29 21:51:43 GMT 2007

Dear list,

I'm used to SuSE and Debian for quite a long time. With that distributions, when 
I start (and power off) the computer, I get the kernel and init messages on 
tty1. With (K)Ubuntu (7.10), this feature has been disabled. I already changed 
the kernel options in 'menu.lst' and removed the 'silent' option (which resulted 
in a little information, but not exactly what I'm looking for)

Furthermore, when I press <alt>F2 (and others) during boot time and return to 
tty1, that screen has become black. All the other tty's are black as well and I 
cannot log in into bash of one of the tty's.

Has anybody figured out how to solve this? It would be ideal if the messaging 
was like Debian/SuSE.


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