Feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Wed Nov 28 16:01:47 UTC 2007

> On 27/11/2007, Anton Rolls <anton at wilddsl.net.au> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Jonathan Jesse wrote:
>> > Good evening,
>> >
>> > I know I probablly shouldn't be posting this to both lists, but I
>> couldn't
>> > figure out which one would be better to post to.
>> >
>> > I am getting frustrated with using Konqueror as my default browser.  I
>> > don't know if I just have some problems, or its the fact that I am
>> running
>> > 64-bit Kubuntu, but it is getting to the point that browsing the web
>> is
>> > just easier, and more fun in Internet Explorer.
>> >
>> > I know that Google and GMail don't always play nice with Konqueror and
>> > have lived to accept it, but it is other sites that I am getting sick
>> of
>> > trying to deal with.
>> > I can to a page, an example being Facebook, and not get all of the
>> images
>> > or all of the links to work.  I go to a travel site to book airplane
>> > tickets and get to use the "basic" settings, I go to a page and am
>> told
>> > flash is not installed when I do have the non-free version of flash
>> > installed or even better I click on a link and nothing happens until I
>> > click on the link 3 or 4 times and finally the "gear" starts spinning
>> and
>> > I get the page I want.  Another fun problem is when I increase the
>> font
>> > size the text blurs together and I can't read it.... or go to a page
>> that
>> > has a form and the text runs into the form so I don't really know what
>> I'm
>> > filling out.
>> >
>> > Is it just that I need to switch to Firefox on my Kubuntu install?  Or
>> > should I stick to browsing the web in my XP VM, cause things "just
>> work"
>> > there.
>> Konqueror, when operating as a web-browser, is simple and
>> underpowered compared to Firefox etc..
>> It sounds like the solution for you might be to
>> install the win32 version of Firefox and install the
>> flash plugin.
>> Here's how I did it:
>> 1) I got the latest version of Wine.
>> Quite recently I went to the Wine website for the
>> latest version, and I noticed it's a newer version
>> than the one in Adept. I looked at the change history
>> between the versions and saw all just bug fixes.
>> So I installed the newer version.
>> (I think I added the Wine website to my package sources
>> list and then used Adept...?)
>> 2) I got the Win32 version of Mozilla Firefox.
>> I browsed to the Firefox download page in Konqueror and configured
>> Konqueror Browser Identification to be Internet Explorer on
>> Windows so that the Mozilla website diplays the Windows version
>> to download.
>> 3) Then I ran the Firefox setup executable in the console:
>>         wine "Firefox Setup"
>>    You should now have a Firefox icon to click. (I chose to
>>    make one myself.)
>> Hope that helps,
>> Anton.
> You run the windows version of Fx in wine? You are aware that you can
> run 32 bit Firefox on a 64 bit system, no?
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Wow its been an interesting converstation in regards to my email.  Half
the people seem to be using Konqi and the other half recommend Firefox. 
Maybe I'll install FF and see where things are at
Jonathan Jesse

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