Feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Tue Nov 27 18:24:31 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 17:00, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> What websites do not work properly in Konqueror? If you list specific
> websites and specific problems, I personally will confirm the problems
> and write to the webmasters.

I followed that thread with interest, usually use Konk, but switcht to firefox 
if I need. 
Perhaps I will implement the strategie suggested by Derek  "Change Browser 
Identification" [tells you how whicked some corporations are !] (it is not 
the first time I read about that).

If you're "Feeling like a 2nd class citizen", want to know how a First class 
citizen feel?    (sorry, couldn't help it)
read on:
Words of G.W. Bush at a Town Hall session in Orlando, Florida, on the 4th 
december 2001

How did you *feel* when you heard about the terrorist attack?

*Well*...(long pause, applauses from audience)
Thank you Jordan, You are not gonna belive *what state I was in* when I heard 
about the terrorist attack. *I was in Florida.*

(taken from:)


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