Setup woes

Bill Vance kbun at
Mon Nov 26 10:59:09 GMT 2007

Thanks gang, Now I don't need xhost anymore.  Got another problem, though.

Anyone know where KDE puts it's error messages?  I tried to use Adept manager
from the menu, and got a small window with, "Error - KDE su", across the top,
and a panel with, "Su returned with an error", in it.  unfortunately, the,
"?", help button wasn't helpful about just what the error was.


On Sun Nov 25 13:28:17 2007 Derek Broughton wrote:

>D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
>> On Sunday 25 November 2007, Donn wrote:
>>> If you're trying to run stuff as root (like sudo kcontrol) then you can
>>> get that kind of error. I still don't know how to fix it really. (Short
>>> of kdesu kcontrol, but that's not really command line.)
>Well, "kcontrol" isn't command line either, so I highly recommend using
>kdesu/kdesudo rather than sudo to invoke gui apps.  If you're going to be
>doing that sort of thing...
>> I'm not making a statement one way or the other about what is or is not
>> good practice.
>> I only offer mention of the sux command:
>> sux - wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials
>Not that I'd make a statement about good practice either :-), but it should
>be noted that this is a wrapper around _su_, not _sudo_, so you don't get
>the benefits of sudo.  

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