(New to Linux/ Ubuntu) "Update manager": how to find it and work with it in Kubuntu?

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Nov 23 15:19:06 UTC 2007

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Esteemed members of the Kubuntu user group
> Several comments that came in after my recent mail on Thunderbird 
> pointed on the possibility to update software from the 'Kubuntu' or 
> 'Ubuntu' 7.10 'repository' by means of the regular 'update manager': not 
> only for Thunderbird, but also for other software updates. I understood 
> this would be a way to update without endangering the system stability. 
> To such an system stability approach I attach much importance. I 
> understood also that the Thunderbird update that is available in the 
> repository, is at present. One or two times I did find somewhere 
> and somehow an 'update manager'. However, I do not always manage to find 
> it when I'm looking for it :-). Moreover, I am not convinced that I 
> already CORRECTLY used it, because I still have version on my 
> laptop, although I did one or two times something with that update 
> manager :-). I can work with TB, version now, having  
> successfully installed all the dictionaries I need. However, once some 
> newer version is available in the repository, it could be useful to 
> download and install it correctly. The same applies, of course, for 
> other software.
> My question now is: where/ how can I find this 'update manager' when I 
> need it?  Moreover, once I will find it: how can I correctly download 
> AND install such updates?
> If replies come in to this question, I will be able to review and answer 
> them after this weekend. Have a good Full Moon weekend all of you!


Hi Bas
If an application such as Thunderbird has been installed by using the
built in facilities such as
Kmenu> Add/Remove Programs   or
Kmenu>System>Adept Manager(Manage Packages)
then the updates will be offered regularly to you automatically.
Note that such applications will be those from the repositories, and
sometimes are not always the absolutely very latest version, but they
are checked ok to work.

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