Editing fstab - Some guidance please

David McGlone d.mcglone at att.net
Fri Nov 23 00:54:19 UTC 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007 2:29:31 pm Billie Walsh wrote:
> As I understand it, if I edit fstab it will mount my other drives on my
> computer at startup. Is that correct? If not, where would I edit?
> I have XP on sdb1 and OpenSuSE home on sda3, root on sda2. I would like
> to have both drives mounted on startup, but not the SuSE root partition.
> Once in a while I run across something that I want for XP and it would
> just be nice to download to the proper drive/directory. I also have some
> files on the SuSE drive that I would like to have access to from time to
> time. My first experience in Linux with SuSE back about 9.* it was
> automatic. When I got back to Linux [ OpenSuSE 10.0 ] it no longer was.
> Wish list item:
> Mount other drives automatically.
> Anyway, IF I am correct that fstab is the correct place could someone
> post a hint as to the format of the line to add?

Go to system settings->advance tab->disk & filesystems and set up the 
partitions you want to mount. It's easier than editing fstab. To answer your 
question, fstab is the place that will mount your drives at startup, so you 
are correct.

Here is how I mount my extra partitions. I first determine where I want them 
mounted, in my case I mount all my partitions in /media, next I create a 
folder that I want to mount them in. In my case I went with xp for my sda1 
and d for sdb8 and e for sdb9. Then I go to disk & filesystems in the system 
settings, select the partition I want to mount and add the mount point and 
permissions for users to mount and unmount. Viola! fstab is written with all 
the correct entries and params. :-)

And of course don't forget to mount them. :-)
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