Cannot watch web videos in Mozilla

Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at
Sun Nov 18 17:00:02 UTC 2007

Andrew Jarrett wrote:

> On Nov 18, 2007 1:38 AM, john d. herron <paradox.herron at> wrote:
>>  Jonathan,
>>  As you can see from my last message (below), I already have the plugin
>>  for FFX Flash 9 r48 ( installed.
>>  Any other possibilities ? What if I was to remove  a l l  of the plugins
>> currently
>>  present in /.mozilla/firedox, so as to have a clean slate, then
>>  re-download
>> and install
>>  FFX Flash 9 r48 only?
>>  Thanks for helping
>>  john
> Just a guess, but maybe you don't need _three_ flash plugins to play
> flash videos?  Your previous email showed that you have
>,, and
> Maybe they are interfering with each other and you should just choose
> one (probably best to go with  You probably don't
> need to delete _all_ of the plugins, just the other two that you don't
> want.  Do this and see if it works.  If not, delete the
> and reinstall using Johnathan's suggestions.
> Andrew
I agree with Andrew. Definitely get rid of all but one of the flash plugins.
As to where to put it, you say you put it in "/.mozilla/firefox" I assume
you mean ~/.mozilla/firefox (where ~ means your home directory). This will
not work on my system (I've tried it) and I put mine here:
~/.mozilla/plugins/. Note that this is not system-wide and will apply only
to the user whose home directory the plugin is in.
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