what´s taking up all this space on my hdd?

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 17 00:32:09 UTC 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
>>>> Okay,
>>>> I'm just a bundle of joy this week, eh...
>>>> This is really, really weird.
>>>> I'm running Dapper, right, and I decided to try feisty, so
>>>> I stuck in the livecd and made a partition and installed feisty.
>>>> I used about 140gb of my drive.  I figured I'd hang out with feisty and
>>>> leave dapper as a backup, or something.
>>>> I left my dapper install on about 45 gb.
>>>> Then, I decided that I'd rather stick with dapper...
>>>> So, I stuck the live cd back in, and deleted the feisty partition,
>>>> resized my dapper partition to 140, made a new 45gb partition
>>>> and installed feisty on that little partition, just for back up.
>>>> Now, kdiskfree, the gnome disk thingy, and every other indicator
>>>> is telling me that the dapper partition of c. 140gb has only 8gb
>>>> of free space, even though it only identifies about 30gb
>>>> of contents on the partition (most of which is my large collection
>>>> of excellent Brazilian music...and tonso documents I've translated over
>>>> the past year).
>>>> So...if I only have 30gb of stuff on a 140gb partition, why
>>>> do I have only 8gb of free space on said partition?
>>>> What´s taking up the other c. 102gb of space?
>>>> Dryer elves storing my lost socks?
>>>> This is freaking me out, man...
>>>> you dudes rock
>>>> thanks for all the help
>>>> /tony
hijacking my own thread from the ubu list, and moving it over to the 
kubu list,
in the hope that someone over here may have an idea what´s up...
Qparted tells me that I have a 137.73 gb partition with 34.92gb used, 
but only 8.44 gb free,
while Kwikdisk and Kdiskfree say I have only a 43.3 gb partition, with 
34.92 gb
used and 8.44 gb free (at least the math makes sense there)...
I´d like to know why Kwikdisk and Kdiskfree aren´t seeing the rest of 
the partition,
and/or what kind of math Qparted is doing (137 - 34 = 8 ?!).
I made the partition with gparted from the feisty livecd.
Somewhere there are c. 100 gb that aren´t appearing.
I figure there must be something screwy going in the hdd, but I haven´t 
a clue what.
I e2fscked the partition, and that made no difference.  I still get the 
same weird
information from these programs.


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