Gnome = gtksudo, KDE = ???

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Nov 12 18:48:33 UTC 2007

Mike Leone wrote:

> Derek Broughton (news at had this to say on 11/12/07 at
> 11:11:
>> Greg Booth wrote:
>> > vi good! *grunts and swings his caveman club around*
>> > 
>> > But if you want something like, GUI and stuff, then go with Kate's got
>> > my vote.
>> LOL!  _That's_ what I meant to say.
> vi has a GUI, doesn't it? gvim or some such?

Sure.  Never mind us - emacs/vi/anything-else wars are just the joke of last
resort on any *nix list :-)

For the record, gvim is actually a pseudo-package provided by any number of
gui "vim" implementations.  See "aptitude show gvim". I haven't a clue how
good any of them are - I was into Emacs before I gave up my caveman
ways :-)

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