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> I have no idea how to use tor/privoxy in another browser. torbutton is
> supposed to do everything automatically, but of course it only works
> in FF.
>   Doc

That is incorrect.  I have no knowledge of Tor but Privoxy runs as a
server and can be used by any application that connects via port 80
(such as browsers), if you want it to do so.

The default address and port you connect to in Privoxy is  You ALWAYS connect to but the port number of
8118 is set in the config file, which in my case (on gutsy)
is /etc/privoxy/config

Privoxy will filter http:// (ordinary) and https:// (secure) sites, but
no other protocols.  So no matter what browser you have (Konqueror,
Firefox, Opera, Dillo, etc) and you want to go with the default, set
your browser to connect with at port 8118, then take out the
usual restrictions to and localhost, otherwise no server
connecting to will work.

I suggest then you reboot to see if Privoxy runs as a server when you
try and connect sites with your browser.  Try

to see if the ads at the top are taken out by Privoxy.  If#
not,reinstall Privoxy through apt-get and be sure to reboot afterwards.
It should then work.

As an additional guard, I suggest you download the hosts text file from

copy it and addit beneath the existing text in /etc/hosts, but with one
amendment.  Look for the first line with	localhost

which is uncommented (has a # before it) and turn it into

#	localhost

so that it is commented.  you don't need this as you have a reference
to this address above.

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