KDE problem - Only desktop wallpaper visible

Sundar sundar261 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 04:35:32 UTC 2007


When I log into kde session, I am able to see only the desktop
wallpaper. There is no panel or windows or desktop icons visible. When I
do Alt+f1 I get the kmenu but once i select an application, only the
wallpaper is displayed. 

I was able to work with kde for sometime. I was trying to install and
run screenlets on kde when I suddenly lost (only wallpaper display) the
kde session. I am also running compiz (not sure if it crashed). compiz
was running for atleast 10 days without any issues.

I tried to re-login/restart but the same result. When I login I am able
to see panel and all the desktop icons, then the screen goes blank and
comes back with only the wallpaper. Alt+tab does not work too.

When I login to gnome everything compiz+screenlets works well.

I am using gusty. Any pointers would be helpful.  kde is currently not
usable at all!!


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