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Peter Niedzinski peter.niedzinski at
Tue May 29 13:05:00 BST 2007

Congratulations!  And thanks as well.  I have been having similar
difficulties with my wireless card, and I am also running Feisty.  That WICD
seems to be the solution!

On 5/29/07, Larry Hartman <larryhartman50 at> wrote:
> For those who are US citizens, hope you all had a good Memorial Day
> weekend.
> I had 4 days off and spent some of those four days reloading (K)ubuntu on
> my
> laptop.  I decided to do this because I first learned how to use Ubuntu on
> Dapper just before Edgy was released, and had upgraded twice to Feisty.  I
> made some mistakes in the initial loading process  that I just could not
> resolve that cost me abilities to use some w32codecs-related media.  So
> after
> wisdom from 8 months of use and improved packages I reloaded.
> My system is an HP dv8000 laptop that comes with two hardware
> difficulties.
> The first is ATI XPress 200M graphics.  FGLRX has come a long way in the
> past
> 8 months.  The other is the BCM4318 Air Force One wireless.  The BCM43xx
> module is too flaky with this card, so I went to NDISWrapper.  NDISWrapper
> was not so hard to get working, but Network Manager just would not play
> well.
> I eventually got nm to work ok, but never got my wireless to start
> immediately at boot.  So off to the Ubuntu forums I went.
> Someone on the forums--I think Compwiz18--posted about a networking tool
> called WICD.  It is a replacement for nm that is built in Python.  Here is
> the sourceforge website:
> Let me tell you that for the past 8 months  I spent hours on nm to get it
> to
> run properly--and only partly succeeded.  WICD, however, was set up in 15
> minutes and working perfectly out of the box--it is a Debian package.  I
> suspect that many of Ubuntu/Kubuntu users out there would like to trade in
> nm
> for something better: well here is an opportunity to investigate.
> Oh, and BTW, my w32codecs-related media issues are completely resolved.  I
> also switched to Firefox from Konqueror, it simply works better on a
> couple
> key websites I visit.  Now I am less dependent on M$--and that is a good
> thing in my estimation.
> Larry
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