Response to Lee, was "Help with k3b please"

Derek Broughton news at
Mon May 21 22:42:48 BST 2007

John DeCarlo wrote:

> On 5/20/07, WJ Seidl <wjsvt at> wrote:
>> Java under Linux
>> has quite a ways to go too. For someone running FF or TBird on Linux,
>> you can just about forget it.
>> Hopefully that will change soon. (I'm not holding my breath.)
> I agree with your other points, but Java runs better on Linux than under
> Windows in my experience.  Using Eclipse, NetBeans, etc. is much better
> under Linux.

My experience too.

> Not sure what you mean about Firefox or Thunderbird - I find they work
> just about the same for Windows and Linux.

And (unfortunately) handle java better than Konqueror.

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