KDEInit can't launch '/home/...'

Wolfgang Schuch w.schuch at ing-acotec.es
Fri May 18 11:12:11 BST 2007

On Friday 18 May 2007 11:40:36 Donn wrote:
> Wolfgang,
> Did you try my second suggestion?
> "*Idea - try kcontrol (run it from Alt-F2) -> KDE Components -> Previews
> and meta data. Make sure the relevant sections under "Local Protocols" are
> ticked."
> I recall this giving me similar troubles to yours recently.
> /d

Thank You for checking. Yes I did, but I arrived only to the names of the 
folders, but couldn't still 'launch' them... The situation has not changed, 
but I can make 'save as' from KMail to the folders and I can print ps into 
the folders. Both seem to work OK.
With the ark I also can go into the filesystem, but not open the folders. The 
same happens when I use the search folders/files menu.


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