spellcheck - 2 languages?

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Fri May 18 16:55:19 BST 2007

O. Sinclair wrote:
> One thing I wonder is if one can have the spellcheck working with 2
> languages. I frequently write mail in another language than English
> (and documents) and then the spellchecker, set to British English, is
> just a nuisance and not a help. If one could have it to use 2 languages
> that would be great! I once used Windows mailsoftware Barca and there
> you just had to install any dictionary and it would be used alongside
> default English.

In Kmail go to Settings -> Configure Kmail... -> Identities -> Modify -> 
Advanced. Select the wanted dictionary for each identity separately. If 
you want to use the same email address you can create 2 identities which 
have equal settings except identity name and dictionaries.


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