Can't open (E)PS files with text in Feisty

Gerhard Kremer gerhardusm2002 at
Fri May 18 13:14:18 BST 2007


	I have come across a very bizarre bug in Kubuntu. I hope somebody can help 

	I draw a figure containing text with Inkscape and export it to either PS or 
EPS. When I try to open said figure with *any* ghostscript reader (gv, 
kghostview, evince . . .), the hard disk begins to work at 100% and the 
computer becomes unusably slow; the reader isn't able to open the figure and 
begins to suck in system memory (as reported by top). I have to terminate the 
process with CTRL+C on the terminal to continue using the computer.

	If I try to open the same figure without any text, it opens and is
displayed normally. The problem occurs only when there is text, even a
single character. Besides, I've tried the same figures on the same computer 
but on a separate partition running plain Ubuntu, and they display normally, 
text or not. The same figures would also open without problems under Kubuntu 
Edgy and Dapper on the same computer. It seems to be an exclusively Kubuntu 
Feisty problem. I have replicated exactly the same behavior on another laptop 
with an out-of-the-box Kubuntu Feisty installation.

	Any hints? Somebody has any idea of what is happening? Since I use my 
computer for LaTeX typesetting and I have to draw figures with text on them 
very often, this is a crippling issue for me; if I can't solve it, I'd have 
to switch to Ubuntu and GNOME (which I'd regret - - been there, didn't like 
it, came back to the KDE fold). I'd like to avoid that.

	Thank you in advance,

	- GK -

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