Top-posting, HTML-formatted mail, flaming, shouting and so on, was Re: KUBUNTU

Stew Schneider stew.schneider at
Mon May 14 13:18:47 BST 2007

FX Fraipont wrote:
> I am a relatively new convert (one year) to Kubuntu, after 10 years with 
> SuSE and then Opensuse.
> One of the pleasures of reading this list was that endless debates about 
> THE acceptable way of posting to a list were mercifully absent.
I suspect it's just me, but I think that information exchange is what a 
mail list does while waiting for the flame war to break out. You can 
almost see it coming across the horizon. For no reason at all, replies 
get testier, seemingly randomly, then all of a sudden some issue will go 
-boom- and there it is, like a summer thunder storm.

The other thing I notice is that flame wars seem always to have at their 
base the idea "My life would be happier if you did/didn't do something." 
In other words, it's often wrapped in an attempt to control somebody 
else's behavior, preferably publicly.

Top post, bottom post, post in the middle...who cares? I'm as happy as I 
want to be, and you can't affect that by where you post. My feeling is 
"get over it", but, as I say, that's just me.

On the other hand, if you need to ventilate some bad feelings in a flame 
war from time to time, that's OK with me, too. Would be nice to hear 
something about (k)ubuntu from time to time, though.


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