Top-posting, HTML-formatted mail, flaming, shouting and so on, was Re: KUBUNTU

Myriam Rita Schweingruber schweingruber at
Sun May 13 19:18:26 BST 2007

Hi Guido, and hi to all topposters, html-ers, flamers, shouters, 
spaghetti-mailers and so on,

Disclaimer: this mail goes to the list admins to raise awareness

On Sunday, 13 May 2007 19.44:35 guido dom wrote:
> yes, only problem: it is very difficult to accessk to it (read - write) the
> windows partitions; configuring the /etc/fstab is not easy
> although Feisty does not start my scanner (a known backens problem) I went
> back to it.
> But test Mepis; it is a live cd; no harm done if you do not like it
> It is based on ubuntu dapper

I know Mepis very well, it was the distribution which (for about 6 month) 
lived on my laptop before I installed the Warty Warthog Beta. Since then I'm 
stuck with Ubuntu :-)

My point is: your posting is the one too much:

- First, you use HTML, which usually goes directly to the trash bin as this is 
mostly used by spam mailers and should not be used in mailing lists. With 20% 
spam out of an average 450 mails a day, I really don't need HTML code in a 
mailing list.

- Second: you are top-posting, which almost everybody finds disturbing, as 
it's making the reading far more difficult (one hast first to scroll down to 
see what the original post was, then scroll back to top to read the answer). 
Don't forget that some people get something like several hundred mails a day, 
so I tend to ignore top-posters and HTML-formatted mail as I prefer to ignore 
instead of getting angry about. If you want to be read and taken seriously, 
please don't top post!

- Third: your post is considered to be flaming, which is considered very 
unpleasant, and I choose my words.

- Fourth: Capitals are used for shouting and are not polite. The exceptions 
are jargon abbreviations, like AFAIK, IMHO, and so on.

There are a few guidelines which are considered standard to posting in mailing 
lists around the globe in Free Software mailinglists. Please, people, read 
these and comply, this mailinglist ist really beginning to derive!
I'm even too tired to give you the links, google fore "Usenet guidelines" and 
read, please read! And learn, learn learn! We all have been beginers at one 
point, but this does not mean that we should behave like newbies for the rest 
of our live!

Folks, this is a Kubuntu mailinglist, so the spirit of Ubuntu should rule and 
make collaboration better, easier and the whole should remain fun for 
everyone. Actually I begin to dislike reading on this very list as, 
especially in the last few weeks, some people just don't behave, don't 
respect the most elementary guidelines and make reading difficult and 

Greets, Myriam

PS. BTW, signatures in e-mails should be marked as so, by -- preceding it. See 
below. And they definitely have nothing to do on top of a mail!

Protect your freedom, join the Fellowship of FSFE!
Please don't send me proprietary file formats,
use ISO standard ODF instead (ISO/IEC 26300)
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